Aug 222016

Medical cannabis has been a hot-button issue for years, and that chaos has allowed for subtleties to emerge that many people don’t consider. Marijuana advocates all throughout Canada were dealt a massive victory when Justin Trudeau, the new Canadian Prime Minister, was elected last November. Trudeau is famously in favor of recreational marijuana, and he has claimed to make it a reality in less than a year. If that were to happen, what would be the overall effect, and how would medical marijuana patients be affected?

New Regulations

Canada recently enacted a new set of marijuana regulations in response to a court decision regarding the availably of the medicine to some patients. The new regulations allow for patients to grow their own plants, and many see that as a stepping stone to full legalization. Because so many people are sure marijuana will eventually be made totally legal in Canada, businesses have already started to crop up that are in clear contrast with current laws. Most authorities tend to look the other way when this happens as long as the businesses operate to a certain level of discretion and limited service.

The Awaiting Boom

The recreational and medical cannabis market in Canada is changing dramatically, and it will most likely continue to change until it reaches full legality. The Canadian government rightfully expects a massive boom in the industry once it becomes legal, but that boom has yet to start. Too many people are wary of the laws in place to risk touting them just yet, even if the future is extremely promising for legal cannabis. There are currently only 34 registered producers of marijuana in Canada, and all current medical cannabis users have to obtain their medicine and paraphernalia from one of those producers. The number of legal producers will easily quadruple when cannabis is made legal in Canada.

Cracking Down

Some reports have shown that authorities are actually raiding numerous illegal dispensaries that have sprung up prematurely. Those reports also reduce the likelihood that new dispensaries will pop up before they are legal. Investors tend to avoid investments with such a high level of risk. The industry is also experiencing a massive amount of lobbying from the legal producers that understand their profits may be hurt by allowing the market to expand beyond their production.

What Does It Mean For Medical Patients?

Medical marijuana patients are going to have it easy from now on in Canada. The newest regulations are deeply in favor of the patients, and if marijuana ever becomes legal, the prices will drop across the board. This means those who need medical marijuana will be able to more easily afford it, and it also means they will no longer need a doctor’s prescription to enjoy the medicine.

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