Aug 242016

So you’ve decided to try vaping or smoking e-cigs? Now what? The electronic cigarette and vaping industry is nothing like it was when it first started in 2006. Currently, almost 3 million people smoke electronic cigarettes or vape today, and more than 460 brands existed as of 2014. Try guessing the number of flavors that exist, and you just may cause your head to spin. Selecting the right way to start is not as hard as it looks, however. You just have to know the right questions to ask yourself.

Vape Device or E-cig?

Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are ultimately the same in that they both produce vapor. The difference in the two devices is the design and the way that the device heats the e-liquid. E-cigarettes tend to take on the design of a wanna-be cigarette while vaping devices often look like futuristic pens and other unusual items. Furthermore, vaping devices heat the e-liquid slowly using a cartomizer, and e-cigs heat the e-liquid quickly using an atomizer.

What’s Your Price Range?

You have to know how much you are willing to spend. You can order a single disposable e-cig for as little as $5, or you can opt to purchase a starter kit for about $20 and up. The disposables come with a battery that will provide you with only a certain amount of pulls. The starter kits have USB cables so that you can recharge your device repeatedly.

How Impatient Are You?

Your level of patience will narrow down your choice of brands. The convenience stores and department stores only carry around a certain number of brands. You may find Blue, V2, NEO and a few other brands at your local convenience store. You can buy your devices there and instantly gratify yourself, or you can order online and get whatever you want.

How Much Nicotine Do You Want?

The next thing you need to sort out is how much nicotine you want your device to have. Not all manufacturers offer the 0 percent nicotine option. That option is good if you just want to enjoy some flavored vapor, or if you eventually want to wean down to a 0 percent option. The nicotine percentages usually vary from 0 percent to 5.4 percent. If you choose a vaping pen, then you will need to know how much resistance you want your device to have and how much liquid it can hold.

Now you are ready to start choosing your “vapingphernalia.” Make sure you read consumer reviews for all the brands that you consider buying. You will know by the reviews if you are getting ready to make a smart decision or a poor one. For more information, visit the DashVapes website.

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