Aug 282017

According to health watchers, smoking is dangerous to both your health and the health of those around you. Ironically, you already know several doctors who are your smoking mates. You may be wondering how you will still enjoy the cool life without lighting a circa. Well, there is a replacement for you. You should consider using a dry herb vaporizer. Yes dry herb! There are many basic and health benefits that you will attract with using vapes than you ever imagined.


1) Keeps you healthy



Smoking direct cigarette is associated with attracting chronic conditions and lung cancer; this is not the case for vapes. Smoking burns down the entire herb and reduces it to ash. On the other hand, vaporizing only heats your herb enough to release its aroma, while the herb itself remains untouched- only its color changes. Therefore, vaporizing your dry herb ensures you get what you desire from the herb without raising any healthy alarms to yourself. This makes it a good way to enjoy your favorite herb flavor.


2) Convenient


You don’t have to equip yourself with so much to enjoy vapes. All you need is to have the best portable vaporizer for dry herb and you are set to go. When you are travelling, you don’t have to think of packing circa and lighters for your journey. Vaporizers don’t require all these. All you need is to pack the chamber. Once you are done cracking your herb, cleaning is easy and interesting. First you empty the remaining parts of the herb in a garbage pit, and then scrap your container plus a few light taps, and you are set for another long round of pleasure.


A vaporizer is also weather friendly. This is something you should not take for granted as a smoker. If you have ever tried to smoke on a mountain or during a windy day, you would understand the benefits of having a weather friendly piece. Between wet and windy conditions, at times it’s impossible or difficult to light anything. At times, this prevents you from feeling the pleasure of your herb. However, using a vaporizer, all these are stories of the past since you don’t have to light anything.


3) Improved flavors


When you burn down your herb and reduce it to ashes, it’s obvious that what you will be smoking is not the herb itself, but rather, you will inhale any other toxins from the burning. Therefore, it’s true to say you may have not felt the actual taste of your herb. Shift today to a dry herb vaporizer and enjoy sweet flavors. Vaping only burns the herb to release its aroma, thus giving you the sweet taste of the herb.



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